Ningbo Aobao Elec. Appliance Co., Ltd is a joint venture neighbored Hangzhou Bay Bridge.It`s founded in 1986, and it`s a backbone subcon- tractor to Hong Yan Group Ltd. With the location in Ditang Town, Yuyao City, our products can be exported to all over the world from Shanghai or Ningbo port.
            Our company registered approximately 80 million RMB for the assets, including 38,000 square meters factory buildings, with 500 workers, 75 technical staffs and engineers.
            Our main products are French, German, UK and Italian type wall switches and socket, lamp holders, adaptors connectors, etc. These products have been CE,NF,VDE,KEMA,CB,TUV,ROHS,REACH certificated and exported to Europe, Russia, Middle-east, South America, Africa and Southeast- Asia,etc.
            In order to keep the developing step of this company,we adopted ISO9002-1994 stystem in 1998 and have passed in 1999. In 2011 we passed the new version of ISO9001:2008(GB/T 19001-2008). Also we have established our test lab from 2001 .It can help us to control quality of al l products.Holding the policy of“ superb quality, seek for greater perfection,to satisfy the customers”,welcome to our factory for business negotiations or cooperations.
            For further information,contact us today.Welcome to our factory for business negotiations or co-operations.

            CONTACT US
            Ningbo Aobao Elec. Appliance Co., Ltd
            Add: No.8 Xinyang Road, Ditang, Yuyao City, Zhejiang, China
            E-mail: [email protected]
            Website: www.jsef.tw
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